Primary Courses

Primary Section includes subjects like English, Math’s, Science, E.V.S, Social Science, Computer, Work Experience, Hindi & Marathi. School follow CCE Inspire of lectual method, students are being taught by performing various activities. It’s a completely child centric teaching. Best quality methods and techniques are used to make their each concept clear CBSE has suggested. Various activities to be done by teachers including students related to all subjects. This helps students to all subjects. This helps students to improve their weakness. Each subject is developed. Through various aspects like English- Teachers develops Reading, Writing, speaking & listening skill trough various activities.

Mathematics is made more interesting and easier to understand though various practical activities & Project students are evaluate on the basic of concept, Activity Tables, Mental ability etc.

Science & EVS – Student enjoy learning Science & EVS through activities like Visits, Demonstrations, Project & many more students are assessed & evaluate on the basic of environmental Sensitivity, projects, Group discussion etc.

Children are not only evaluate for their Academic performance, but are evaluated for their behavior and personality development. The focus of academic activities towards enrichment of the total personality of the Learners and to facilitate the learners to address to various facts of learning encompassing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain. The focus is to identify the talents of the learner and to empower child with positive inputs.

The CBSE recommends a five point scale for indicting the achievements in following order.

  • A+ : Outstanding
  • A : Excellent
  • B : Very Good
  • C : Good
  • D : Average

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