Pre Primary Courses

Pri-primary -School is following its own designed curriculum, which includes, Eng, Math’s, E.V.S, Hindi, etc. School follow its own mythology where children learn through various innovative activities like games, demonstration, role-play, worksheets, singing, dancing, Music, art & craft work, stories, Rhymes, Films, small visit, Teachers also use digital learning for developing phonic and other general knowledge. This develops their Confidence, Personality, gross and fine motor skills, Language mathematical intellect, thinking, social and emotional skills; children are not burned with lots of homework and written work Apart from these school also plans for such activities which in calculate in them the the moral and social values Like –Loving, caring, Punctuality, Cleanness, sharing ,Respect, politeness & many other Primary students and assed based on oral & written exam and also through above activities

  • Nursery
  • Jr.KG
  • Sr.KG

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