English Speaking Lab

English speaking course is designed so that students enjoy learning and communicating in a new language while discovering a new culture. GEMS have a special English Lab in the school. Since its inception, the Lab has expanded to provide students with quality teaching and learning related to English language, literature and communicative skills. It is located in the main building of the school. It has an independent language laboratory, with 30 booths and a teacher console, a well-equipped classroom, a separate staff-room and an excellent collection of software for language learning. This lab is known as “English Speaking Lab". Proficiency in English is required in all fields. On the strength of their English Proficiency, our students have excelled in teaching, competitive exams, technical writing, and educational material production among the many other fields. Leaning English from GEMS is a valuable asset. It is an innovative Lab of English. The faculty is actively involved in organizing several activities like essay competitions, effective public speaking, workshops, etc.

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