Nilima Chaudhari


Mrs. Nilima Chaudhari


( Godavari English Medium CBSE School, Jalgaon )

Let us proceed with great hopes and realistic goals. To be different is but natural. Well as a principal of GEMS I am very much happy to execute the dreams of our inspiration into a realistic one. This is the reason GEMS is different and unique from other Schools. Here we train our students to be highly competent because we believe a talent is irrelevant if there is no motivation or driving force to use it. This driving force may be external or internal. External source tend to be for a fleeting moment, where as internal source tend to produce more consistent performance. But GEMS mix-up external and internal source to imbibe the knowledge to students in a way we wanted to make them to grow because we are accountable only to them.

It’s my great pleasure that GEMS successfully go ahead more vigorously and enthusiastically as we focus on their educational progress, because education is a everyday learning, as learning is nothing but registration, retaining, recalling and reflections.

GEMS operate with the prime purpose of building young minds to spearhead a dynamic future globally. We have dedicated, determine & committed team of teachers who in coordination with CBSE team, they are committed to bring out overall development of child. Education is the most powerful tool which can be used to change the world by empowering youth. if we channelize the youth in right direction at right time they can become fountain head of creativity. We GEMS believe in nurturing creativity of young mind to bring about positive change in the world for betterment of mankind. My message is especially dedicated to the parents/guardian. Today globalization has enhanced the expectation of parents. Parents who afford to give everything best to their children expect a lot from them. Parental pressure compels children to strive for the fulfillment of their wishes but their incapacity to cope up with the environment in which they are put, leads to behavioral problems. If a child is not molded and nurtured carefully he may lose direction in life.

Understand your child. Every child is special in his own way. Some are talented; some have mental ability, while many have a strong personality which carries them swiftly across the road to achievement. Whatever the child does, however small and lowly, if he achieves them, he is a winner. At GEMS, Let us together produce citizens with optimistic ideas, courage, conviction, sensitivity and intelligence.

“An Ounce of Performance Is Worth Pounds Of Promises.”


What parents Say about our teacher.

Very happy to find this institute!

It’s a great pleasure to find this institution after a long waiting because this premises itself provide Gorgeous appearance of discipline and academic progress. Even the minute things which have observed in the school is worthwhile to talk about school proudly and take admission my daughter and son in this reputed school.

Mr.Sushil Thorat


We happy to declare that, the school provides the finest environment for my children to learn and develop. The education system is completely and totally child centric, the dedication of staffs amazing and they are ready to roll their sleeves up for the betterment and overall development of students.

Dr. Vijay Hari Patil

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