Dr. Ulhas Patil


Dr. Ulhas Patil


( Godavari English Medium CBSE School, Jalgaon )

Dear Friends & Parents,

Assimilation of knowledge make man wise, because the ultimate purpose of life is Contentment and I am sure this satisfaction can be gained from GEMS as GEMS is the place where the knowledge is imparted to the kids equally as we focus on child centric education. This is because we believe example is better than percept and asking our students to cultivate competitive sprit because a right sprit is vital in today’s work culture as modern life is highly sophisticated.

Therefore to choose the right school for your child/you is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. I am very happy that you are considering Godavari English Medium School (GEMS) as a place of learning and growth for your child. An empowered individual is the one who has the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to succeed. This is something we understand. Each day at Godavari English Medium School (GEMS) is spent facilitating and providing our students the tools to succeed in life. Today’s world is rapidly changing. Today’s Children are digital natives, comfortable with interacting through digital interfaces that have transformed basic concepts of learning and education. At GEMS, we’ve understood this fact and have implemented smart learning and experiential techniques in our school. Overall development of our students is something we take very seriously. From sports, performing arts, curricular a study to leadership and international experience programmes GEMS inculcate values of all-round development within students. Arousing a child’s curiosity, providing stimulus, encouraging originality, developing self-confidence and creating a habit of success are characteristics we continually assist our students with.

So, here I am happy that GEMS is always conscious about their work and working together to improve the skills of students to make competitive and excel, once they come out from school life.

It’s a proud moment for me because we enhance the self-esteem of our students day by day because “to succeed, everybody has to enhance their self-esteem”. Dear parents your kids are safe on the lap of GEMS and I assure you that they grow mentally, physically, and educationally over there. Because education whether it is formal or informal it attracts wisdom.

School leadership is crucial to ensure the best quality of schooling. We choose to look at our teachers as educators and our school principal as leaders and nation builders. Our educators and school leaders play a key role in creating the right organizational conditions to implement effectiveness and success. Our comfortable educator/student ratio ensures each student gets the attention they deserve. They create a stimulating environment for our students who are an active part of the learning process. Their inherent intelligence and thought processes are instrumental in facilitating the learning process. Our commitment is to work with parents in endeavoring to ensure that all students are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. It is in the spirit of meeting this challenge that we seek to work with parents as an extended family. We are always hands-on in helping a student diagnose their academic problems and providing guidance for parents.

Lastly, I want to ensure that the time you spend at Godavari English Medium School (GEMS) is both a rewarding and an enjoyable experience. I invite you to read on, to learn more about the unique experience that is Godavari English Medium School (GEMS).



What parents Say about our teacher.

Very happy to find this institute!

It’s a great pleasure to find this institution after a long waiting because this premises itself provide Gorgeous appearance of discipline and academic progress. Even the minute things which have observed in the school is worthwhile to talk about school proudly and take admission my daughter and son in this reputed school.

Mr.Sushil Thorat


We happy to declare that, the school provides the finest environment for my children to learn and develop. The education system is completely and totally child centric, the dedication of staffs amazing and they are ready to roll their sleeves up for the betterment and overall development of students.

Dr. Vijay Hari Patil

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